Rossi is one of our fawn Weimaraners we have! She is the youngest female, however don't let that fool you, she's also the smartest! Rossi is extremely cunning and very quick on her feet! She is an amazing mother, she passes her sweet nature onto her puppies and her mannerisms as well! Rossi aims to please, like any true Weim, she is very loyal and nurturing!


Summer is a gorgeous blue Weimaraner and is my shadow dog!  She is the friendliest and the quietest Weim we have! Her piercing eyes melt your heart.  She has a very impressive pedigree with many champions in her bloodlines on her mother and fathers side including dual champions and many senior and junior hunter titles.  Summer is an amazing mother, she is very nurturing and very attentive.  She is my only blue girl and produces amazing puppies! 

Kimber is a very beautiful mouse grey Weimaraner! Kimber is my "sassy" Weim, she will steal seats and take a look in your bag when you aren't looking :) She has a very athletic and muscular build to her with a large chest.  She is our most agile Weim, she can maneuver around almost anything with very acute skill!  She is our most alert Weim and loves to be right in the mix of everything.  Kimber has champion bloodlines including junior hunter titles as well! Kimber loves to be with her people and is becoming the most loving dog as she gets older, though she loves her alone time and her space!




Esme is our newest addition to our Weim family! She is the daughter of Charlie and is gorgeous! She has the sweetest personality and is extremely smart.  Esme has made best friends with everyone and knows how to get exactly what she wants!

This little girl has stolen all of our hearts!

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AKC: SR86564401




Khaleesi is one of the smartest Weims I have ever owned.  She is the daughter of Benny and Nina! This little girl has given me a run for my money from day one, she is calculated and outwits me at every turn.  She is my first nooker and does things in her own time.  She has both Harrisburg horns, the sweetest eyes and I just can get enough of her!




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