AKC: SR79550506

DNA: Pending

OFA: Good



Charlie is the son of Colt & Summer! He is a gorgeous dark blue Weimaraner with an exceptionally loving personality.  Charlie aims to please, he loves being with his people, yet he loves to have his own space! His build is very tall like his father Colt, but very muscular like his mother Summer.  He has a goofy personality that we fell in love with when he was a puppy! We could not be more pleased with Charlie.  His puppies are simply amazing with wonderful personalities.  Charlie is a homozygous male, he will only ever produce blue puppies!  Charlie is available for stud service, his stud service price is $1500. Charlie's genetics are back and we are happy that he is clear on everything!




AKC: SR79550506

DNA: #V770313

OFA: Prelim Good

HU: Clear

Colt is a gorgeous blue Weimaraner, with a wonderful disposition!  Colt desires to be with his owners and around people.  His temperament is so charming, he loves other dogs and chasing butterflies! Colt was a gift for our wedding, our first Weimaraner and made us fall in love with the breed! Colt has a sleek and slender build, stands at 28" tall and moves with elegance and speed.   His human like expressions put a smile on our faces every day, and as you can see from his pictures, he has quite the personality! Colt passes on an amazing personality and disposition to his puppies, they are all wonderful dogs!




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AKC: SR99935501


OFA: Prelim Good



Benelli Thomas is our silver male Weimaraner!  He came to us from Oklahoma and has taught me so much about dogs, himself and myself! Benny is an observer, he learns things in his own time! He loves to cuddle but on his terms only! Watching him learn something new is amazing because you can see it clicking in his eyes as he learns it.  We couldn't be more pleased with Benny! He produces amazing puppies and we love having him be a part of our breeding program! Benny is available for stud service for $1500. Benny has been tested for his genetics and has come back clear on everything!