About the Puppies

Hilltop Weims has a hands on approach to our puppies.  They are all handled and cared for in our home with surveillance on them 24/7.  They are very well socialized with adults and children.  When the puppies are two to three days old they will have their tails docked and dew claws removed properly.  At three weeks of age the puppies will start to eat pawTree food.  I have a page located to your right for reference.  At four weeks of age they are moved to a large play area where they start their socialization.  At six-seven weeks of age the puppies will have their puppy check from a licensed veterinarian. By the time the puppies are 6 weeks old they are eating dry food only. The puppies will have their nails clipped weekly.  Pictures are also sent to our clients updating them on their puppy's progress.  Our selection process starts at four-five weeks of age, you can make an appointment to come and pick out your puppy or if you live far away we will happily send you a video of the puppies and you can pick one out that way!         

Each of our dogs are regularly vet checked and free from any orthopedic issues.  Exercise is very important to us at Hilltop Farms and each of our dogs spends time outside to run and play as much as they desire!  From day one on the farm the dogs are socialized around other dogs, people, children and other animals.  They go for car rides with us and have as much social stimulation that they can get.  Having our dogs habituated to our family and other animals is a key aspect to having well adjusted, friendly and out going dogs.  All of our dogs are on a Nu-Vet supplement once a day and our females are on different regiments depending on their cycle and when they are being bred and are again supplemented during their pregnancy. 

About the Dogs

About Hilltop Weims

Welcome to Hilltop Weims! We are located in Clarion, PA, two hours North of Pittsburgh, PA, two hours south of Erie, PA, one hour East of the Ohio border and two hours West of State College, PA.  Our farm is nestled in the country and sits on 60+ acres for the dogs to run and play on.  We have owned dogs our whole lives.  Our first Weimaraner was given to us as a present and we fell so in love with the breed, we decided to start breeding well bred quality Weimaraners as well.  We can't imagine life without our Weims!  Each of our dogs are raised in our home and are constantly socialized around children, people and other animals.  All of our dogs that can be registered are registered with the American Kennel Club.   

Breeder of AKC Purebred Weimaraners, Vizslas, German Shorthaired Pointers & Weizslas


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